Now that would be nice. ..

The last few weeks have left me with a lot of time to muse and ponder, in between the feeling of profound disconnected darkness and apathy that is.
What would be nice to have as a modeller. A sort of nice bits wishlist.

Some ideas:
1 – Some etched under baskets for use on 4mm Grampus wagons – primarily the Parkside kits.
2 – A range of axleboxes and wagon springs akin to the LMS Models buffer range and cast to those standards.
3 – Some nice etched bits to tart up the Bachmann CovHops. I mean they are already pretty good but ach to aspire…
4 – A nice set of bits to tart up the Bachmann Bolster C wagons. Its been done for the auld Lima Bolster E so???

I’ll get back in my dark room shall I?

Seriously the must be other wee examples that would excite. Any suggestions out there or is something stirring one knows about?

And as for some of the virtual stooshies of late? I wish some would calm down, grow up and behave. It’s a hobby for mercies sakes and not an appendage waving contest!

Enough, raw bacon please.

Be seeing you.


7 comments on “Now that would be nice. ..

  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Wish lists? Aren’t they reserved for Froth Central?
    Decent vac cylinders. I daresay you know where to get some, but I can’t find any.
    Keep on keeping on, Ian.

    • iak1963 says:

      Another item of desire Jan. Top stuff and exactly what I mean. Yes you can some fom ABS or Mainly Trains but they are not exactly pukka or even modern. Auld moulds produce potentially poor products.
      And ok, it’s a wishlist but it has soul and use. Not a flabby set of toys for box fondlers.

      • Agreed, Ian. That is a proper wishlist of genuine substance and I’d supposrt every one of those proposals.
        As for ‘box fondling’, that really does conjure up appropriately seedy images suitable for the general deviance of the RTR frothing community. 😉

  2. Jan Jackson says:

    I’m of a mind to raise the vac cylinder thought to MJT; they were at RailWells last year, and were looking for new ideas… maybe a “twin set” for the MCV….

  3. djfurmage says:

    That’s an excellent wishlist Iain. I’d be very happy with all of them.

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