Comfortably Numb – again

So spring is sprung and once more, its the time for asking what the hell is going on! I cannae say too much as once more, my health is being given a damned good thrashing by….. Let’s just say the usual suspects. And I’d love to not be a walking Roger Waters lyric but hey, I cannae help it. To use another auld song title, “From despair to where???”

As for the “Works?” It has not been too good of late. Projects have ground to a halt and any activity has been nigh on impossible. The one development is that the work-room for the use of is nearing the finish line. I hope this will provide some momentum to things in the near future mind.

Save to say that I will have to content myself with getting my head around the theoretical workings of Spratt & Winkle couplings for the moment. That and enjoying the new book on the signaling of the Caledonian Railway by Jim Summers – an excellent and highly recomended tome by the way.

Be seeing you.


2 comments on “Comfortably Numb – again

  1. For what it’s worth, Ian. Your mates are here for you. You’ve got this far and you’ll get through this one.
    Here if you need s friendly ear. I don’t know all the answer but I can listen, bud! 👍

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