The final cut?

A brief post…

The torture is nearly over. No drama, no rants, no more pain, it is time to move on and gracefully accept the follies of fate and circumstances. Principles are one thing but my health must come first. Too long has been spent on the edge of the void, I have to accept that I cannot do this anymore. Yes, my health will always be a worry – that is the nature of being afflicted with bipolar disorder. However, there is a time say enough and accept that sometimes, you cannot win…

As for the “Works?” A summer break has been in force and the new season is about to open. I hope to get some images sorted soon so stay tuned.

I’ll be back!

Be seeing you.

P.S. Thanks to those who have been so supportive…


One comment on “The final cut?

  1. lilypup says:

    Glad you will be back. lily

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