Works Progress

A brief update on what is going on at Padgate Works.

Well I have some stock, NEW stock as well mind, fully lettered and awaiting the weathering departments attention. This may come as a shock to some but I am actually fulfilling my stated aim of clearing the decks and getting projects finished! Piccies and another update soon…
I also have numerous projects bursting forth with some energy; projects destined to for the finishing shop in the next few weeks – hopefully that is!

More medfits of LMS and BR parentage together with more “bl##dy” vans of various diagrams and such. I have even been contemplating and musing on future projects – including a large build of Grampus wagons, more scabby stock for the Engineers to muck about with and even finally getting grips with the Gresley Full Brake mentioned some time ago on this Blog. Will wonders never cease?

All this activity is despite another health blip last week, a sort of hiccup I could do without frankly. The point is that despite being a wee shoogly and such, I am getting stuff done. So long as some small increments of forward progress are actually occurring then that is fine; to be frank, I wish to avoid another trip to the “dark side!”

Be seeing you


A return beckons…

Well having been through sheer hell the past few months, the “Works” is finally functioning again at something better than first gear pace.

Much action on the laptop has created some decals for a goodly number of items and some new builds are in hand. I aim to get some piccies up soon.

Many thanks to those who have passed on their regards over the past months. Your kind words helped a lot, even if I was so out of it that it took time to register.


Be seeing you.

Posted on the road…

All quiet…

A quick post for you to note…

You have probably gathered by now that my health is not too good at present. Well it has got worse, a
lot worse.

It’s the full darkness of a depressive episode sadly. Much brown smelly stuff is flying but not that I can go into details, it is that serious…

Padgate Works is closed for the moment; however, it will be back. Once I feel up to it that is…

Be seeing you (soon)

Posted on the road…

Modelling on the edge…

Its all a bit fuzzy at the moment. The SSRI’s are leaving me a bit “oot there” frankly; nothing dangerous mind, just subdued and not at all myself.
Some serious Archer riveting has been done mind, albeit very slowly. The SPV is coming together nicely – even the brake gear has a look of nearly being finished. Images hopefully will follow asap…
As for the lettering conundrum? I have finally started to get them done. Mind again, this very slow if at all! I’ve started using Adobe Illustrator as well, CorelDraw being very unstable on the laptop for some reason!
The struggle continues – that is so long as my employers do not press any more buttons in my head in the wrong way.

I “hope” to be at EXPO EM North this weekend. I was supposed to be helping but that is looking shaky; I mean, what help is a blissed out bipolar having a downer?
Be seeing you