Adios minor…

A considerable amount of time has elapsed since my last post and with good reason. Another downward swing in September last year and then again at the beginning of this year has left this blog well adrift.

So I shall make this brief. Padgate Works now has a new home on Facebook – just search for “Padgate Works.” This has been done simply to make it easier for myself, my memory and concentration copes better with Facebook as opposed to WordPress.

I may post the odd thing in future but that is not certain – see you over there.

Thanks to all who have bothered reading my rantings and drooling, especially during the dark times…









Comfortably Numb – again

So spring is sprung and once more, its the time for asking what the hell is going on! I cannae say too much as once more, my health is being given a damned good thrashing by….. Let’s just say the usual suspects. And I’d love to not be a walking Roger Waters lyric but hey, I cannae help it. To use another auld song title, “From despair to where???”

As for the “Works?” It has not been too good of late. Projects have ground to a halt and any activity has been nigh on impossible. The one development is that the work-room for the use of is nearing the finish line. I hope this will provide some momentum to things in the near future mind.

Save to say that I will have to content myself with getting my head around the theoretical workings of Spratt & Winkle couplings for the moment. That and enjoying the new book on the signaling of the Caledonian Railway by Jim Summers – an excellent and highly recomended tome by the way.

Be seeing you.

Still Game!

The only recent activity here at the Works, has been yet more disruption through illness.

The legacy of auld wounds  reopened sadly. There is stuff going on but it is all rather slow and erratic.

I aim to get a more robust routine in place soon. That is as long as certain buggers stop pressing my buttons. Care for those with mental health issues? Aye right…..



Living In A Box….

Hallo again out there in cyberspace, more drivel frae the model making beeper with a shoogly episode in play.

So ok, the auld brain is misbehaving again but such is my lot. I’m not allowing the darkness in totally. The finishing of stock continues including some weathering, not easy at present but doable.  More Diag 1/213 vans are progressing as are some other items. 

I’ve found that actually building the basic wagon kits is very helpful when unwell, it is the more prosaic farting and noodling around I  cannae cope with. 

I feel trapped in a glass box and looking at the world in a disconnected, disrupted stupor.  The modelling helps to keep me here, wherever here is….. Wibble!!!

Be seeing you,