Waking to Life… Again?

So here I am suspended in limbo, unable to move forwards or in any direction frankly. I will not go in to details, other than to say I am still “under major repairs.” My health/work situation has blighted so much of the the last few years that to give up would easy; in my case however, no chance. Wibbling is allowed, quitting is not!

Now to the modelling. Yes, I am back at the work bench sporadically when my mood and health permits. Having adopted the attitude of dealing with known quantities, yet more BR 12 ton standard vans are being worked up, gilded, fettled or even painted. Yes this has been a long running project however, the Beastie devours stock and by the time this batch is finished I will have covered just about every variation on the “standard van” theme – wibble!

The other project that I have got to grips with is that of a rake of Engineers stock which is actually doing something. The rake has various Med-fits loaded with spoil and detritus, whilst the rest will have used bits and bobs reflecting the job which has generated the spoil. Since Mostyn will not be out again for some months, I can just enjoy what I can do when I am able. It is not a perfect working scenario but it is better than the darkness of a few weeks back.

I should also mention that I have also played with a few bits for my own pet projects. I hope to get some images of these and the other projects up soon so stay tuned.

Be seeing you,


Auld relics…

So just what does one do with auld modelling projects you find after years of neglect or rank absent-mindedness? Bin them, cringe with embarrassment, sit there bemused trying to remember what the blessed thing was in the first place or look to finally finish them?

Well, that is the option I have taken and boy are some of these things long in the gestation. We are talking over 20 years here if I am to be honest with you!

Some LNER 6-Plank opens from 3 Aitch are getting the treatment primarily and what treatment. It seems somewhat odd considering the recent Cambrian Kits offering but hey, waste not want not. Proper buffers, draw-hooks and couplings, decent brake gear, etched brake levers and guides, some decent corner plates that line up and of course some nice P4 wheels – job nearly done.

When one adds to this the assortment of Slaters,Ratio and Cambrian kits which also have been festering for some years and which are now, back in the mix? Well the Padgate Works is rather busy.

As for Beeg Blue Beastie projects? Well that would be telling…

Be Seeing You