The final cut?

A brief post…

The torture is nearly over. No drama, no rants, no more pain, it is time to move on and gracefully accept the follies of fate and circumstances. Principles are one thing but my health must come first. Too long has been spent on the edge of the void, I have to accept that I cannot do this anymore. Yes, my health will always be a worry – that is the nature of being afflicted with bipolar disorder. However, there is a time say enough and accept that sometimes, you cannot win…

As for the “Works?” A summer break has been in force and the new season is about to open. I hope to get some images sorted soon so stay tuned.

I’ll be back!

Be seeing you.

P.S. Thanks to those who have been so supportive…


Rantings and dribblings…

Good afternoon on this showery day, a day reflective of some aspects of our wonderful hobby… Ahem, well that may depend on certain things maybe?

The last few weeks have seen all sorts of on-line stooshies about all sorts of malarkey. Now valid adult debate is one thing but aggressive, nasty gobbing off? Please leave it in the pub and on the terraces please. I do question if some who inhabit cyberspace just “get-off” on being obnoxious? Ach whatever… I have enough trying to understand what my own brain is trying to do at times! Bipolar type illness is never boring I suppose…

The stock lettering is near the finish line and this leads to the weathering stage. I aim to get some work done, which I can then illustrate properly on this humble blog afore the next show Mostyn is appearing. That, of course, is at the Wigan Finescale Railway Modellers show in Wigan over the weekend of the 7th & 8th of June. Once upon a time this show was in December, just afore Christmas – a time for heavy jackets, woolly ganzies and warm socks. If this weather keeps up, it will be shorts and flip-flops time. I do wonder what sights that may bring but maybe it is a subject best not dwelt on too long…

Well its back to the finishing shop.
Be seeing you…



Finally, after another episode of darkness, dribbling and feeling awful, some light and activity returns to the Works. I hope this time mind, that things will settle down and stay so; a change in medication and some “talking therapy” thus far being gratefully received.

The Finishing Shop is in a measure of operation and stock is finally getting finished – images of which I aim to post later this week. I can happily report that apart frae the usual ALPS produced decals, some more Railtec Models items have been used and they are a joy to use. I shall post more details on the decals and other gubbins later.

Once more can I thank those out there who contacted me with their best wishes, it does help, believe me…

Be seeing you

Living In A Box….

Hallo again out there in cyberspace, more drivel frae the model making beeper with a shoogly episode in play.

So ok, the auld brain is misbehaving again but such is my lot. I’m not allowing the darkness in totally. The finishing of stock continues including some weathering, not easy at present but doable.  More Diag 1/213 vans are progressing as are some other items. 

I’ve found that actually building the basic wagon kits is very helpful when unwell, it is the more prosaic farting and noodling around I  cannae cope with. 

I feel trapped in a glass box and looking at the world in a disconnected, disrupted stupor.  The modelling helps to keep me here, wherever here is….. Wibble!!!

Be seeing you,                   




Here we go again…

Hallo there.
Been quiet again here but sadly, things are a bit shoogly again.
A wee blip followed by an unexpected bereavement and everything starts shutting down again – annoying but that is life as a “beeper.”
I aim to get some stuff up soon so stay tuned. That,of course,also means getting my forum threads on various places updated.
Getting a wee mention in S4 News was a fillip but now it’s time to ride out the storm.

Be seeing you.