Waking to Life… Again?

So here I am suspended in limbo, unable to move forwards or in any direction frankly. I will not go in to details, other than to say I am still “under major repairs.” My health/work situation has blighted so much of the the last few years that to give up would easy; in my case however, no chance. Wibbling is allowed, quitting is not!

Now to the modelling. Yes, I am back at the work bench sporadically when my mood and health permits. Having adopted the attitude of dealing with known quantities, yet more BR 12 ton standard vans are being worked up, gilded, fettled or even painted. Yes this has been a long running project however, the Beastie devours stock and by the time this batch is finished I will have covered just about every variation on the “standard van” theme – wibble!

The other project that I have got to grips with is that of a rake of Engineers stock which is actually doing something. The rake has various Med-fits loaded with spoil and detritus, whilst the rest will have used bits and bobs reflecting the job which has generated the spoil. Since Mostyn will not be out again for some months, I can just enjoy what I can do when I am able. It is not a perfect working scenario but it is better than the darkness of a few weeks back.

I should also mention that I have also played with a few bits for my own pet projects. I hope to get some images of these and the other projects up soon so stay tuned.

Be seeing you,


Just when you thought it was safe…

The last posts I have made on this blog, have had a more optimistic and positive tone to them. Indeed, things were looking reasonably rosy; not that that lasted too long. More nonsense at work means that demons I had hoped had been well and truly buried, have now been dug up and reanimated – not at my doing I hasten to add! SO the progress and optimism of August has been given a good skellping and I find myself anxious and jittery – again!!!

Save to say the 1/224’s have not progressed as I had envisaged, nor have the other bits and bobs. To say I am frustrated and down is a mild understatement.

Mostyn is due out soon, a visit to Taunton over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of October. This makes the recent travails even more irritating. I suppose I should be thankful that I will any new stock finished but whence you get banana skins slipped under your radar like this????

Yours phi##ed aff.

And new projects begin…

After all the silliness getting the recent stock finished, I have been taking some time to look at what I am intending to do the next few weeks/months. With all my health travails of the past 18 – 24 months, it is actually nice to able to do so without any “banana skins” or mishaps looming.

First up, a number of other BR fitted van projects are in various stages of building – Diag. 1/208, 1/213 and 1/224’s to be exact. These van projects aim to be the last ones built for Mostyn as we should have more than enough by then – I hope!
You then have some BR steel sided medfits which I had forgotten about. With the ups and downs of the most recent builds of this type, I had neglected to remember a box with some half built in it. I am again planning that these will be the last of this type built for Mostyn. This sort of stock for the Engineers Department is now at a healthy level. Other stock beckons for this sort of work.

I have been getting together the research work for some brand new projects. The first project revolves around the various 5-Plank wagons still in use in Engineers stock during the late 1970’s. We are talking about stock with a 10-foot wheelbase here so no springing or compensation will be used. It is envisaged that two kits, together with various other spares and bits, are going to get a good deal of usage:
1: Cambrian Models C107 SR (Diag.1375) 5 plank Open Wagon.
This design was not just built for the Southern Railway but indeed, the LNER had a number produced to this basic design under various diagram numbers. Add to this, the diagram, 1/034, built by BR to this basic design and a jolly good time is envisaged…
2: Parkside Dundas PC02A BR (Diag.1/039, 1/044) 13 Ton Open Wagon.
Based on an LMS design, a whole gamut of variations in underframes and brakes exist here. Indeed, the LMS built diagram was still in use in 1977 so I can logically produce a few dog-eared auld relics to go with the other pre-nationalisation beasties either already built or in the planning stage.
The second project revolves around the humble BR Grampus. The Parkside Dundas kit and other parts will form the basis of the build, which will include both fitted [Diag.1/574] and unfitted [Diag.1/572] types. The question of springing this batch of wagons will be addressed in one way or other. The wheelbase of the Grampus means that springing this stock is essential, the 12-foot wheelbase leaves one with no choice!

Well that is my coming months planned out so lets get it on.
Mind, knowing me I shall get distracted by some other naughtiness as well along the way…

Be seeing you.

Works Progress

A brief update on what is going on at Padgate Works.

Well I have some stock, NEW stock as well mind, fully lettered and awaiting the weathering departments attention. This may come as a shock to some but I am actually fulfilling my stated aim of clearing the decks and getting projects finished! Piccies and another update soon…
I also have numerous projects bursting forth with some energy; projects destined to for the finishing shop in the next few weeks – hopefully that is!

More medfits of LMS and BR parentage together with more “bl##dy” vans of various diagrams and such. I have even been contemplating and musing on future projects – including a large build of Grampus wagons, more scabby stock for the Engineers to muck about with and even finally getting grips with the Gresley Full Brake mentioned some time ago on this Blog. Will wonders never cease?

All this activity is despite another health blip last week, a sort of hiccup I could do without frankly. The point is that despite being a wee shoogly and such, I am getting stuff done. So long as some small increments of forward progress are actually occurring then that is fine; to be frank, I wish to avoid another trip to the “dark side!”

Be seeing you

Too quiet again…

Good day out there in cyper-space…
It’s been too quiet here at the Works it may seem but honestly, it hasn’t been without things going on. I have just found having to upload piccies to this blog a pain in the rump!!! That and being under the weather again. Enough bleating mind…

Various projects have come to fruition this past few months; indeed, new stock went with “The Beastie” to the Newcastle/Gateshead show back in November and performed with honour. The primary aim this winter, is to get all the projects which are hanging and floating finished off totally. Not easy with my health still being a tad up and down but achievable all the same. The progress is viewable on line, on my various threads on various forums. Some examples are below however:

 DSC_0009-2 DSC_0031

More to come soon on this front.

The present  projects will see more 12T vans of various diagrams being built and finished with a cut off date of the end of May next year. That is when Mostyn is heading for Wigan and its famous exhibition. I will have my inoculations mind, as a St. Helens RLFC fan, its bandit country…. Arf!!!
My own projects will also get finished if time allows. I even aim to have some locomotives done over the coming months – well get the P4 wheels put in anyhow. The gilding and fettling may have to join the Works building queue.

Be seeing you

Sláinte agus Beatha