The end… Well sort of…

The finish line of exhibiting at an show, is always a prompt to attempt to finish items of stock. Last weeks show in sunny Wigan was no exception. Even if it was a push, after the past few months of yet more illness, darkness and dribbling, I was going to get the below items finished.

Here are a few close-ups.

Yes the images are a bit rushed but needs must. Projects which seem to have taken forever are now completed and in service;  something which, at times, has appeared about as likely as England winning the World Cup!

And so what is next?
Well, a further batch of Diag. 1/224 vans is in progress as are some final Diag. 1/208 & 1/213 vans. These being the oddballs with different doors, ends, brake gear and so on.
I also need to finally finish the SPV that has taken an age as well. This beastie is primed and ready for a splash of banger blue. It will make a nice change to bauxite, grey and various combinations of filth and detritus!!!

Finally a thanks to Rugloanian for the Tunny Bars… Nice to meet one sir and I trust your wee man enjoyed his trip south of the border…

Be seeing you

PS. The weather on Saturday was awful but at least Wigan lost their Challenge Cup tie – it made all the palaver of parking and such worth it….. C’mon yew Saints!!!



Rantings and dribblings…

Good afternoon on this showery day, a day reflective of some aspects of our wonderful hobby… Ahem, well that may depend on certain things maybe?

The last few weeks have seen all sorts of on-line stooshies about all sorts of malarkey. Now valid adult debate is one thing but aggressive, nasty gobbing off? Please leave it in the pub and on the terraces please. I do question if some who inhabit cyberspace just “get-off” on being obnoxious? Ach whatever… I have enough trying to understand what my own brain is trying to do at times! Bipolar type illness is never boring I suppose…

The stock lettering is near the finish line and this leads to the weathering stage. I aim to get some work done, which I can then illustrate properly on this humble blog afore the next show Mostyn is appearing. That, of course, is at the Wigan Finescale Railway Modellers show in Wigan over the weekend of the 7th & 8th of June. Once upon a time this show was in December, just afore Christmas – a time for heavy jackets, woolly ganzies and warm socks. If this weather keeps up, it will be shorts and flip-flops time. I do wonder what sights that may bring but maybe it is a subject best not dwelt on too long…

Well its back to the finishing shop.
Be seeing you…


Here we go again…

Hallo there.
Been quiet again here but sadly, things are a bit shoogly again.
A wee blip followed by an unexpected bereavement and everything starts shutting down again – annoying but that is life as a “beeper.”
I aim to get some stuff up soon so stay tuned. That,of course,also means getting my forum threads on various places updated.
Getting a wee mention in S4 News was a fillip but now it’s time to ride out the storm.

Be seeing you.

A return beckons…

Well having been through sheer hell the past few months, the “Works” is finally functioning again at something better than first gear pace.

Much action on the laptop has created some decals for a goodly number of items and some new builds are in hand. I aim to get some piccies up soon.

Many thanks to those who have passed on their regards over the past months. Your kind words helped a lot, even if I was so out of it that it took time to register.


Be seeing you.

Posted on the road…