And new projects begin…

After all the silliness getting the recent stock finished, I have been taking some time to look at what I am intending to do the next few weeks/months. With all my health travails of the past 18 – 24 months, it is actually nice to able to do so without any “banana skins” or mishaps looming.

First up, a number of other BR fitted van projects are in various stages of building – Diag. 1/208, 1/213 and 1/224’s to be exact. These van projects aim to be the last ones built for Mostyn as we should have more than enough by then – I hope!
You then have some BR steel sided medfits which I had forgotten about. With the ups and downs of the most recent builds of this type, I had neglected to remember a box with some half built in it. I am again planning that these will be the last of this type built for Mostyn. This sort of stock for the Engineers Department is now at a healthy level. Other stock beckons for this sort of work.

I have been getting together the research work for some brand new projects. The first project revolves around the various 5-Plank wagons still in use in Engineers stock during the late 1970’s. We are talking about stock with a 10-foot wheelbase here so no springing or compensation will be used. It is envisaged that two kits, together with various other spares and bits, are going to get a good deal of usage:
1: Cambrian Models C107 SR (Diag.1375) 5 plank Open Wagon.
This design was not just built for the Southern Railway but indeed, the LNER had a number produced to this basic design under various diagram numbers. Add to this, the diagram, 1/034, built by BR to this basic design and a jolly good time is envisaged…
2: Parkside Dundas PC02A BR (Diag.1/039, 1/044) 13 Ton Open Wagon.
Based on an LMS design, a whole gamut of variations in underframes and brakes exist here. Indeed, the LMS built diagram was still in use in 1977 so I can logically produce a few dog-eared auld relics to go with the other pre-nationalisation beasties either already built or in the planning stage.
The second project revolves around the humble BR Grampus. The Parkside Dundas kit and other parts will form the basis of the build, which will include both fitted [Diag.1/574] and unfitted [Diag.1/572] types. The question of springing this batch of wagons will be addressed in one way or other. The wheelbase of the Grampus means that springing this stock is essential, the 12-foot wheelbase leaves one with no choice!

Well that is my coming months planned out so lets get it on.
Mind, knowing me I shall get distracted by some other naughtiness as well along the way…

Be seeing you.


Now that would be nice. ..

The last few weeks have left me with a lot of time to muse and ponder, in between the feeling of profound disconnected darkness and apathy that is.
What would be nice to have as a modeller. A sort of nice bits wishlist.

Some ideas:
1 – Some etched under baskets for use on 4mm Grampus wagons – primarily the Parkside kits.
2 – A range of axleboxes and wagon springs akin to the LMS Models buffer range and cast to those standards.
3 – Some nice etched bits to tart up the Bachmann CovHops. I mean they are already pretty good but ach to aspire…
4 – A nice set of bits to tart up the Bachmann Bolster C wagons. Its been done for the auld Lima Bolster E so???

I’ll get back in my dark room shall I?

Seriously the must be other wee examples that would excite. Any suggestions out there or is something stirring one knows about?

And as for some of the virtual stooshies of late? I wish some would calm down, grow up and behave. It’s a hobby for mercies sakes and not an appendage waving contest!

Enough, raw bacon please.

Be seeing you.